Sensory perception is an essential element in this work. A tactile response, whether to physical materials or a visceral reaction to an image, indicates the body's response to its environment.

Line is the initiating thread that connects my work. This underlying structure is the genesis of every idea and element contained within a finished piece.


A line can be many things:  a guide, a boundary, a descriptor, a structural indicator, an approximation, a thing that connects two seemingly unconnected thoughts.
A broken line indicates stress, loss, decay, decrepitude, insecurity, anxiety, transition, longing...

Photo credit: © Mario Quiroz

A tendency to categorize and assign rules is a human trait which enables us to make sense of the world. Consistently living within structures of experience, communication and behavior provide a sense of security and control.

During moments of vulnerability, these established structures break down, but then are then reconstructed into new systems of order, comprehension and belief.  

Sound, video, and industrial materials indicate transformative connections between the physical, the emotional and the manufactured experience. Sturdy, predictable structures are reinterpreted as inadequate forms that become an embodiment of emotional transition.

It is this confusing moment of transition and transformation that motivates Bonner's work. The traces left behind, the persistent nature of a line or the communication of a gesture, investigate the space between dichotomies of order and chaos. Mangled forms, diffused images, and interrupted patterns become an expression of a state of flux caused by an apparent loss of control.

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“Upright and prone: these positions yield two contrary worlds. Each day we defy gravity and other natural forces to create and sustain an orderly world; at night we give in to these forces and take leave of the world we have created.”

-Yi-Fu Tuan

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