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There is a vulnerability in the physicality of the human form, which, when observed to be in a state of distress is directly relatable to the observer.


The video presents a scenario which is relatable to the viewer... repetitive actions that strike a chord of visceral, repulsive sensations: the pain of persistently pulling at a hangnail without end, the unhygienic, concentrated precision of biting fingernails, the anxious energy of unending fingernail-tapping.


These actions border on abjection, seen as harmful and unnatural, indicating some unseen horror, only visible in the mind of the subject.

A magnification of involuntary, repetitive nervous gestures which indicate a disordered internal state, is accompanied by several narrative voices detailing their respective internal conflicts.

This piece breaks the silence covering the constant precariousness of our delicately balanced sanity, neurotic tendencies and mental idiosyncrasies that we try to hide, as well as the shame and stigma that comes with the truth that we are not as strong or as sane as we believe or appear.